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We would like to invite you to the sunny and lively Barcelona. The City with beautiful architecture, delicious Spanish cuisine, and melodic and unique Catalan atmosphere.



We will take care of your transfer from the airport to one of our comfortable and air-conditioned apartments near the beach, where you will feel the atmosphere of a seaside holiday.



We teach roller blading at the highest level, for those who already skate and for those who are just looking to learn. Classes are run by certified instructors from Poland and Spain.



We know the local environment which you will certainly have the opportunity to get acquainted with during common training or, for example, at the famous weekly Night-skating in Barcelona.

Rollerskating in Barcelona is an incredible adventure and a history lesson

Why you should choose us

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10 reasons why you should join us on a roller-skating adventure in Barcelona.

  • JIf you love travelling, chances are you probably love the sun. If you love the sun then you probably want to visit Spain. If Spain is your destination, Barcelona is an obvious choice. It’s an easy going city that lets you relax as soon as you get to it.
  • Barcelona is a perfect place to roller-skate One can easily call this place a European roller-skating capital. The city is very flat, even and full of places to see. Already at the start, it impresses with a fabulous, long and even promenade by the sea. More experienced skaters can skate inside the land, where ramps and descents get more and more demanding. The city's infrastructure as if it had been specially prepared for skates is adapted to all types and levels of the rollerblader.
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Places and roll spots

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w Barcelona on skates


Promenade Barcelona


This place is the first on our „to-visit” list. The Barcelona beach is lively, colorful and full of people. The promenade that runs along the beach is around 8km long, flat, very wide and perfect for skaters.

Triumphal arch

Triumphal arch

This place is one big roller-spot. It offers a long, wide and flat asphalt. It’s a place where may skaters meet and train. To get here on rollerblade you only need basic riding skills. Learning slalom here is pure pleasure.

The cathedral of Sagrada Familia

The cathedral of Sagrada Familia

The way to get to this beautiful cathedral is quite challenging. To get here one must ride uphill and feel comfortable on bike paths. But the view is totally worth it. The area offers a park where one can rest and take in the beautiful sights.

Spot de la mar bella and garcia faria

Spot de la mar bella and garcia faria

This skate park is in itself a legendary roller spot. Best skaters from around the world can be spotted here. It’s a perfect place to challenge advanced skaters. This place is perfect for an evening training session for the most demanding students.


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