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Arriving at our course, you can not take your skating equipment with you. We have our own rental, which contains the equipment of branded manufacturers. We have rollers, roller skates, protectors and helmets. The rental works for a whole year and is available to both our guests and those who live or are in Barcelona typically tourist.

We also have electric scooters to rent, which are very popular in Barcelona. Visiting the city in this way will appeal to everyone, regardless of age. It is an alternative for those who do not ride skates and roller skates, but want to explore the city together with the group, or for those who want to explore on their own.


We provide professional service for rolls and roller skates. We repair and service roller skating equipment, take off and brake, change wheels, clean and lubricate bearings, replace screws, form and wash letters, create sets for customer's order.

STORE - If you want to buy new roller skates, you can order it from us. We help in choosing the right equipment that suits your needs. Our range is of the highest quality. We have already sold hundreds of pairs of rollers and roller skates. We will take care of the highest quality of service and fast shipping to the address indicated.


  • Rental of skates or roller skates + helmet and a set of protectors for one person:
    15 € - for 24 hours,
    10 € - for the next 24 hours
    50 € - for 7 days
    * Deposit for renting equipment 100 €
  • Rental of electric scooter + helmet
    50 € - for 3 hours
    150 € for 24 hours
    100 € - for the next 24h
  • Service of roller skating equipment:
    5 € - spacer / unscrewing or adding brake
    10 € - liner washing / liner forming / peg or rails adjustment
    15 € - bearing lubrication / + 5 € for a new bearing / replacement of sleeves / + 2 € for a new bushing

We are characterized by reliability of experience and professionalism. We will take care of the highest quality of customer service and services offered by us.

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