Rolltravel is a pioneer company specializing in organizing trips to Barcelona, combined with sightseeing, as well as a course in learning and improving skating on quads and rollerblades. We offer tourism that will change your way of thinking about the skating trips forever, which is why we are introducing a completely new offer related to active leisure. We run courses at every level, regardless of whether you want to start your adventure with roller skating, or have been riding for several years. In our course you will certainly improve your skills. The basics of skating, smooth and fast city skating, wheeling on the cups, going down the stairs or 360 degrees spin on the skatepark .. no problem! We work with the best certified, instructors from Poland and Spain.

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Our trips are also a great way to get to know Barcelona from a different perspective. Visiting Barcelona on skates is a completely different dimension of tourism. This is an innovative way to spend free time among people who like physical activity just like you. We offer recreational rides along the main tourist routes. In addition to visiting the city, you will also learn about the history and culture of this country. We also tell you where you can find atmospheric cafes and local restaurants at affordable prices.

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Our base is made for people who like to spend their free time actively. We are visited by guests from all over the world who are focused on learning, development and gaining new experiences in the field that interests them. Mainly they are people who are passionate about roller skating, but there are also those who deal with eg music, art, culture and sport, both amateur and professional way. The character of our database is tailored to these needs. Our guests have guaranteed comfort and space for adequate rest.

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The Rolltravel base has its own rental and roller-skating service. When you come to us, you do not have to take your equipment; you can only pack in hand luggage. You can rent everything you need for the course on the spot. We have equipment from renowned brands. The rental shop has rollers, roller skates, pads and helmets for children and adults of all sizes.

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We want to improve the quality of roller-skating training to a higher level. We chose Barcelona because it is a mecca in Europe for this type of sport. Integration and the opportunity to meet people with similar interests from different corners of the world are important for us. Barcelona favors it perfectly and gives you plenty of opportunities to make contacts and create new friendships.

Rolltravel is a place created by skaters for skaters, in which we share with you our more than 20 years of experience in teaching roller skating and roller skating. By using our departure proposals, we give you a guarantee for a very fast, pleasant and safe way to improve your skills and learn something completely new. We are passionate about roller skating; we came up with this idea some time ago and now we are boldly realizing our vision! We want Rolltravel to be a completely new space in which traveling and visiting Barcelona will be affordable, easy and enjoyable. That is why we catch the bull by the horns and set out a new route in organizing roller-skating tours and active tourism.



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10 reasons why you should go with us on a skate adventure to Barcelona.

  • Barcelona is a city where the sun shines all year long and even it allows to get up later and go sleep later. Friendly residents and a positive approach to life surrounds from each side. The music and atmosphere of this place will hit in everyone's taste, and the time spent actively in Barcelona will certainly stay in your memory for a long time.
  • Barcelona is a paradise for people who ride on wheels. Easily you can call it the European capital of roller skating sports. Fabulous, long and smooth promenade by the sea and increasing hill inland, where downhill runs are becoming more and more demanding. Here, every amateur and professional will find a place to ride for themselves. City infrastructure as if it was specially prepared to move on everything it has, wheels :)
  • If you like active leisure , our trip is for you. Visiting Barcelona in the way that we offer is a pure pleasure and the combination of everything that is the most beautiful in this activity. Recreation, sport, integration, fun and fitness are health after all and for all. This form of travel is a new and extremely exciting dimension of tourism.
  • Our Barcelona skating course is run at the highest theoretical and practical level. Individual approach to each student and group tasks will be adjusted to the current level of participants progress. On the course you will receive knowledge that you will be able to develop yourself in the future. You also have the guarantee that everyone will leave the course happy, motivated to continue working on your progress.
  • If you like meeting people with similar interests, it is here that you make contact with such people. Each group is a new energy and new characters - who knows, maybe after your trip you will meet up to a joint training or go together on nightskating to Warsaw, Paris, London, or Rio de Janeiro.
  • The program of the trip is flexible and if you like to spend your time on the beach outside of the training, all 10 km of golden sand and the azure color of the sea are yours. You spend free time the way you want. If the course itself is not enough for you and you need more endorphins, we have special challenges for this occasion, such as: racing, downhill, time trial for 5 or 10 km, marathon and even a 100 km and more route :)
  • If you decide to come without your own equipment, you can rent it on the spot - because we have our own rental for skaters. Our guests will also have a hardware service on site so no worries ... we have all the necessary keys, screws, belts, wheels, bushings and bearings. ATTENTION: We specialize in very fast removal of brakes from skates ;) For those less active, we electric scooters, which we also have in our rental.
  • We are passionate about roller skating, we can ride them 24/7/365. In addition to the courses, we also specialize in roller-skating tours following the typical tourist routes of Barcelona. We offer different routes tailored to the skills and expectations of guests. We know where and when to go to experience the atmosphere of this city. We will introduce you to the local very friendly roller-skating community and you will find yourself in the very center of the European roller-skating sports center, and we will show you how and why you should love the skating.
  • Rolltravel trips are an amazing adventure that will show you Barcelona from a completely different perspective. Learning new skills in this type of a city that will be an extraordinary experience for everyone. We are aware that time is one of the most valuable things in a person's life, that is why our goal is to assure you that the time spent with us will be unforgettable and the memories will remain long-term. The trips we propose are certainly an original holiday idea that will provide you with the energy necessary to face the next tasks and projects when you return to your city.
  • We hope that we will meet soon! You will see and feel it all on your own skin, which after returning will change the shade to a bit more tanned :) Photos and videos from your skating trip will be great souvenirs, and memories. Barcelona will certainly be one of those memories that you will often want to come back to. We will do our best to make the quality of your trip more than satisfactory, and customer service from the first e-mail was at the highest level.



We work with the best certified instructors. People who run our courses have reliable knowledge and many years of practice in teaching roller-skating for children and adults.



Tomek is the owner of Rolltravel in Barcelona he will be your trainer, guardian and guide. He is a licensed instructor of the Polish Association of Roller Skating Sports with over 20 years of experience in roller skating. He is a rollerblader and dancer who has been working as a trainer for 14 years and giving his knowledge and passions to children, youth and adults. In Poland, he has been running the Czysta Forma Studio - school for dance and roller skating for over 8 years. Thanks to him, in his hometown, several roller skating spots have been created. He is the initiator of the Roller Dance Poland workshops and events and co-author of the Roll Team Building project which is workshops that develop competences in business carried out on skates.



Natalia on trips, Rolltravel will be a tutor and instructor. She has been working with children and youth as a trainer for over 10 years. Licensed roller-skating instructor and figure skating instructor and aggressive skating instructor on rollers. Certified by the Polish Association of Roller Skating. Former player of Team Berlin 1, with which she won 9 place at on the World Synchronization Skating Championships. Founder of the Ice'n'roll roller skating school in Poland in city Toruń. Developing games and activities for children and working with adults at all skill levels is her specialty. In Barcelona she teaches freestyle slalom, basics of skating, basics in aggressive skating and advanced city skating.

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