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Private rollerblading and quad skating course

We run private trainings for individuals and groups. Both for people who want to start their adventure with roller-skating, as well as for those who want to develop their skills even more. We have experience in training children and adults. Barcelona is a place that offers a very diverse area for roller-skating. You can find here both long and easy sections such as the promenade by the sea, as well as super winding and sharp hills in the mountainous terrain, eg on Mount Montjuic. Everyone will find something for themselves, and we will help to make the course as effective and suited to your needs as possibilities.


  • 10 € od osoby za 1 h - szkolenie grupowe (minimum 5 osób)
  • 10 € per person for 1 hour - group training (minimum 5 people)
  • 20 € per person for 4 hours - group training (minimum 5 people)
  • 30 € per person for 1 hour - individual training
  • 100 € per person for 4 hours - individual training

Private skate tour

We also propose tourism on roller skates for all those who want to see the city from a different perspective. We run through the main tourist routes of this city, we show and tell stories about monuments, as well as we show you very good cafes, restaurants and clubs with best prices. Barcelona offers a lot of interesting places and the biggest plus is that you can go here and visit at any time of the year. This is a place that impresses from the first sight, and the city itself has the best in Europe urban infrastructure and a network of bicycle paths, where you can skate without fear of stopping by city services;) Visiting Barcelona on roller skates is a pleasure from the first minutes. We offer group and individual tours.


  • 50 € per person for 1.5 hours
  • 100 € per person for 4 hours

* when visiting the group, the price is distributed to all participants.

If you have any questions regarding the trip, available dates or the course itself - please contact us.


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